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atin refers to a Bronze Age culture which occupied the southern part of the Pannonian Plain, including the area along the lower Sava River and south of the Danube, between 2000 to 1500 cal BC. It is assumed that Vatin developed a tribal and hierarchical social system. A network of fortified tell type settlements controlled this strategic region, which lies on the main route from central Europe to the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. The broad alluvial plains surrounding the broad alluvial plains surrounding the 1- to 3-hectare large tell settlements enabled a rich agriculture and husbandry. Metal finds are found in some abundance, while intensive contacts with the Aegean world between 1750–1500 BC indicate a strong economy and circulation of goods and people.
Small two-handled kantharos, site of Omoljica. It served as models for the potter
Kis, kétfülű kantharosz, Omoljica lelőhelyről. Ez szolgált mintául a mai fazekas számára
N. Borić, Institute of Archaeology, Belgrade N. Borić, Régészeti Intézet, Belgrád

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